Forage Inventory Evaluation


Now is a good time to re-evaluate your forage inventory and requirements to get your herd or flock through to the summer grazing season.

We have had increased interest recently from people wanting to buy and sell forages.

If you will require additional supply, it is best to determine your shortfall and bring in supplemental forages (Silage) while the weather is cool enough to ensure that a weekly or Bi-weekly delivery will remain fresh enough. Do not wait until you run out in April/May when the warmer temperatures reduce the stability and re-heating occurs, reducing feed quality and increasing waste.

Call IKC Feeds today to discuss availability of  Corn Silage, Alfalfa, Grass, Barley Silage  and High Moisture Corn.

We can also supply various co-products to complement your Dairy , Beef Cattle and Sheep Diets.

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